Even though I only got this watch recently, it is not a recent model. It is a so-called “NOS” – new, old stock. In many ways, this is a transitional model between the older Sturmanskie models and the newer ones. For example, the case size is for this model (40 x 11 mm) is probably a little small by today’s standards, in particular for a 24 hour watch. The luming, however, is every bit as good as the most recent Sturmanskie models.

This model features a rotating bezel with 24 time zones, each identified by a city and a GMT reference. Frankly, while this does add a traveller’s orientation to the watch, it is almost useless as the names of the cities are written in truly tiny characters. On my model the rotation of the bezel is not too smooth either, but that may be due to the fact that it is an ‘old stock’. The date, however, is shown in a larger character and can be read rather easily.

This watch has a nice and solid feel to it, it is well finished and the overall look of the watch is one of quality. I wish Sturmanskie re-issued this model in a 45mm case and with a better, more readable, rotating bezel. This model is water-resistant to ‘3 ATM’ which really means that it is only minimally water resistant. Should Volmax ever decide to re-issue this series, I hope that they give it at least ‘5 ATM’ or even ’10 ATM’. A ‘world traveller’ watch should feature decent water resistance.

Sturmanskie World Traveller