This is a limited edition watch, very rare nowadays, which was included in the “Prestige” series of Vostok watches. The movement inside is a Vostok 2424, which is a 24mm caliber with a 19800 frequency and an antishock balance. Event though this watch does not have a screw-down crown like the other 24 hour Vostoks, it is still advertised as water resistant.

The dial itself is not the most readable dial ever as only the 12, 18 and 24 hours are indicated with numerals (the 6 o’clock numeral is replaced by a date indicator). If you are used to 24 hour watches, this is definitely not a problem, but if you are not that might be a real issue.

The watch is very well made, better than most other Vostoks, I would say. It has a sturdy unidirectional rotating bezel to mark off time, and case’s plating looks very well done.

I got this watch from Victor, aka ‘Zenitar’ who sells Russian watches through his store on Ebay and who is one of the most reputable sellers out there.

All in all, I like this watch very much. It is very original, unassuming yet elegant, and it seems to be very well manufactored. It is really too bad that Vostok has stopped producing 24 hour watches.

Vostok Prestige 24 hours