This is arguably the best 24 hour Raketa watch ever produced. Specially made for the Detente Watches (the biggest distributor of Russian watches in North America and the Caribbean), this model is based on the famous “Pilot 1” Raketa watch which features a dial inspired by the cockpit watches of Soviet military aircraft in the 1936-1948 period: it is elegant, with a definite “military” feel to it, and highly readable.

This is without any doubt the best (clearest) dial ever made by Raketa. Pilots, in particular, will love it.

The watch also features a special made case plated with a stricking and highly resistant titanium nitrade (TiN) coating. The bracelet which is shipped with this watch also has a TiN plating, although Russia2all (the only place where you can purchase this watch) also offers a black leather strap as an alternative.

The back of the watch is laser engraved with “Special for Détente Watches” and and worldwide limited series count xxx/100.

The manual wind (hackable) mechanism inside this model is the famous Raketa 2623-NA whose history was described by the Executive Director of Raketa in his recent interview for Russian 24 Hours (see the interview section of this website).

Even though only 100 such watches were ever made by Raketa this might well be the “ultimate Raketa”.

Titanium nitride plated Raketa