No photograph will ever do justice to this remarkable model, arguably the most elegant and beautiful 24 hour analog watch ever created. While the Buran chronograph’s beauty is in its complexity, this Sturkamnskie’s beauty is in its elegant simplicity.

The pearl white dial with rose gold (a Russian speciality) hours combined with the black bezel create a soft but very compelling contrast. The diamond shaped hour markers glitter with a soft rose gold reflection. Everything about this watch just radiates a gentle, yet compelling beauty and elegance which I have never seen in any other watch.

The dial, however, is not easy to read, at least not for somebody new to 24 hour watches. The reason for this is that the hour indicators are small and since only every second hour marker is represented, this watch can look like a common 12 hour dial to a casual observer.

Alas, this is a limited series watch, and only 250 of these were ever made.

Sturmanskie 24 hour "Sputnik" in rose gold