Another Russian 24 hour watch with a “polar” theme, but make no mistake: this is not a cheap and rugged Raketa. This is a beautifully designed and superbly crafted timepiece, possibly one of the most elegant one ever created in Russia. While this watch is not really expensive at all (about 220 dollars), it has a luxurious feel to it which unmistakably spells “high end”. At a time when Western watch designers try to convince the world that good taste means spending thousands of dollars, the designers at Volmax (the company which makes the Sturmanskie brand) show that elegance is a mindset, not a price tag.

There are several variations to this Arctic design, but I believe that this one is the most refined and beautiful one. As with all Sturmanskie, all the parts of this watch are made with great care and from high quality materials (including the thin, but very bright, super luminova coated hands). This watch would be best worn for a formal occasion, or in the evening.

Sturmanskie Arctic