This was my first Russian, as opposed to pre-1991 “Soviet”, watch. As in the case of the Aviator Military, this watch has an extremely well designed dial. The main difference between these two watches is that this one has all the hours indicated, but only 6, 12, 18 and 24 are in large markings. For somebody already used to 24 hour dials this is probably the best dial imaginable, but for a newcomer to these watches the more conventional dial of the Aviator Military would probably be easier to read. The contrast between the black PVD case and dial, the bright white markings and the red seconds hand creates a very powerful contrast and a highly readable and, frankly, beautiful watch. I should add that the super luminova on these bright white markings on this watch are absolutely as strong as the yellow-greenish ones on the Aviator Military.
Aviator White Markings