Keeping up with the latest trends, Volmax has built this Aviator model in a large, 45mm, size. The watch is pleasantly heavy and large and comes with a one of the best leather straps I have ever seen. The design of this watch is very original: each number on the dial is surrounded by a small transparent but reflective square which, from a little distance, is supposed to look like the carburetors around the engines of early 19th century airplanes. Well, I am not sure that this is what one would immediately see, but the result is extremely original. The other, frankly counter-intuitive, feature of this watch is that while the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand, the minute scale is inside the hour scale. So you have to project the axis of the hours across the minute scale to read the hours, but you have to estimate which minute the minute hand is covering. This is a little strange and the opposite of the layout of most 24 hour watches. This is a “you hate it or you love it” watch. When I first got it, I frankly pretty much hated it. But after a while getting used to this highly original design, I ended up liking it a lot, in fact.
Aviator pilot 45mm