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Russia is one of the few countries in the world which can truly lay claim to a “culture of watchmaking” and there is no other country which has produced more watches. While the Swiss see their watches primarily as pieces of fine jewelry, a sign of wealth and prestige, the Russians have always considered their watches to be precise time-measuring devices, navigation instruments, tools used in the conquest of space, of the oceans’ depths and of the  South and North Poles.

The most famous watch in Russia is not the most expensive, elaborate or luxurious ever produced, but the one with which Yuri Gagarin first flew into space (a Sturmanskie). Russian watches have their roots in the world of explorers, soldiers and engineers. The very brand names of Russian watches, Buran (snow storm), Poljot (flight), Aviator (aviator), Sturmanskie (helmsman/XO’s), Komandirskie (commander’s) and Raketa (rocket) all express this unique pioneer spirit.

While Switzerland is a small country, barely covering about one-third of a time zone, Russia covers ten time zones (eleven with Kaliningrad!). A single day or night in the Russian North can last for several months. Add to this the presence of Russian ships worldwide,  Russian submarines cruising under the world’s oceans, and Russian cosmonauts in space and it becomes self-evident that a Swiss-like 12 hour dial just does not fully meet Russian timekeeping requirements. The ultimate Russian watch must have a 24 hour dial.

A 24 hour watch is not just about the expanse of a large country or technological achievements – it is about a different way of looking at both time and space. Many Russian watches express this uniquely Russian view of the world, but only Russian 24 hour watches express it fully.

This website is dedicated to Russian 24 hour watches.